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1.  Pigs on the Wing (Part 1)
2.  Dogs
3.  Pigs (Three different ones)
4.  Sheep
5.  Pigs on the Wing (Part 2)

by Iwan Kokhuis
by Jason Shingleton
by Randy Ross
by Rick Lucke

Animals Album Review

By Randy Ross

An overlooked chapter during Pink Floyd's prowess during the 1970's is "Animals" (1977). A casual buyer might be upset there is only 5 songs on the album, 4 if you count that the bookend songs are "Pigs On The Wing" pts 1 and 2. 22 years after its release the songs remain valid.

It's nice to see Roger Waters step up to the microphone and see his singing accompany what was his joy-songwriter, thus, sadly reducing David Gilmour's role to one song, the 20 minute "epic" "Dogs", which attacks how human beings have become "yes-men", trying to fit the trends, "only to carry the stone" of a harder world to live in.

"Pigs (Three Different Ones) tells tales of politicians, the wealthy and fading looks. "Sheep" takes a blow at Christianity/religion. It's good to have the lyrics in front of you as the monotonous computer voice begins to quote the 23rd Psalm. It does begin "The lord is my shepherd...", but the cynical clever spin Waters injects about how sheep are made only to be lambchops and hung on hooks is worthy of anything he wrote on either "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The wall"

"Pigs On The Wing Pt 2" has "Animals" ending with refrains of hope, mentioning that the listener cares for the lyricist and vice-versa. Too bad this advice is lost as waters became dour with "The Final Cut"

What may be a strike against an impressive album are three of the songs are 10 minutes plus...However Pink Floyd do not seek out single length material, 5 minutes for a song is considered short. It's a shame how such strong material is left out during concerts, maybe the next time they tour Sheep might be added on the set list.

For a decade where David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Rick Wright and Roger Waters couldn't do no wrong, how "Animals" slips unnoticed is shocking. For those fans who don't own this CD, put it in your plans. 2 Division Bells out of 2!