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1.  Pigs on the Wing (Part 1)
2.  Dogs
3.  Pigs (Three different ones)
4.  Sheep
5.  Pigs on the Wing (Part 2)

by Iwan Kokhuis
by Jason Shingleton
by Randy Ross
by Rick Lucke

Animals Album Review

By Iwan Kokhuis

Oke, this is my version of the album 'Animals'.

Personally I think, Animals is one of the best (maybe the best) albums of The Floyd. However, it surely is the most underrated Floyd album. The album is based on 'Animal Farm', the famous story by George Orwell.

The album begins with 'pigs on the wing prt 1' and it ends with 'potw prt two', two short love songs that are not important (to me). The album really starts with dogs, a 17 minutes long song and the best track on the album. The song is Pink Floyd at his best. The lyrical part by Waters and the musical part by Gilmour. Gilmour starts this track on vocal and gives it exactly the right touch. Then the musical part starts and you can feel the tension. The last part with Waters on vocals is really nice also, but the guitarwork from Gilmour is absolutely fabulous.

The third track 'Pigs' is a pure Waters song. The lyrics are at its best, very deep and well thought. The music is less good then the music on dogs (also pure Waters, brilliant lyrics, but musically not that good). I think it's to bad that Waters took the leadership, because Gilmour is a much better musician. Altough the song is still very good.

The fourth song, 'sheep' is a truly masterpiece and contains the last relevant part of Richard Wright in the band. The tremendous mellow synth on the beginning is Richard at its best. Slow but Superb. The rest of the track is musically and also lyrical brilliant. The nice part of it, is that it probably is the last track where we can hear the band as 'a band'. Personally I think, the glory days of The Floyd as 'the best band of the seventies' ends here.

After their succes of 'The dark side' and their continuation with 'WYWH' it's hardly to believe that they still could make an album of that quality with Animals. In a year were punk blew everything 'progressive' away Pink Floyd made a timeless album that survived all trends. The untouchable all-time lyrics of Waters. The magic of Gilmours guitarplaying. Everything!

I've heard people call Animals the 'forgotten album'. Well I just wanna say to al those people: Listen and Enjoy.