Michael Kamen dead at 55

Posted by pulse on Nov 23, 2003

Michael Kamen, long time friend and collaborator to Pink Floyd, has passed away at age 55. Mr. Kamen was responsible for the many incredible symphony orchestrations in The Wall and The Final Cut.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his surviving children and family.

Steve O'Rourke dead at 63

Posted by madhack on Nov 15, 2003

Pink Floyd's long-time manager, Steve O'Rourke, has passed away at age 63.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his surviving children and family.

It appears that previous reports about the band reuniting to honor is memory at his funeral were a hoax. We apologize for the error.

Dark Side of the Moon SACD nominated for Hi-Fi Award

Posted by madhack on Nov 9, 2003

High Fidelity Review has announced its nominations for the 2003 Surround Music People's Choice Awards, an award for the best high-fidelity (SACD or DVD-A) release of the year. Dark Side of the Moon is among the six nominations. Cast your vote to let the band know that you appreciate high-fidelity releases!

David Gilmour honored by Queen Elizabeth

Posted by madhack on Nov 8, 2003

According to an Associated Press article, David Gilmour has been made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen to honor his contributions to the music world.

New Waters Album/Tour 2004

Posted by pulse on Jun 16, 2003

REG is citing undisclosed sources inside the Waters camp who state that his current studio project is tentatively set for release in Spring 2004. He may support the long-awaited album with a European/North American tour. Any official news will be posted immediately.

Gilmour on BBC 2

Posted by pulse on Jun 7, 2003

Tonight (7th June 2003) at 9:00 PM GMT, David Gilmour discusses the early years of Pink Floyd on BBC Radio 2. Thanks to Paul Cruise for the heads up.

Ready for Pompeii DVD?

Posted by pulse on Apr 24, 2003

Even after the SACD issue of The Dark Side of the Moon, the year's most highly anticipated release by Pink Floyd is yet to come. The remastering and reissue of Pink Floyd's 1972 monster cult classic, Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii is about to find a store shelf near you. This will be a director's cut DVD digitally remastered for your eyeballs and eardrums with extra concert footage and even more scenes from inside the studio during production of Dark Side. No finalized date yet, but a release looks to be out as early as June. In the meantime, you can read these interesting tidbits from the Pink Floyd fanzine, Brain Damage.

Update: According to the good folks above, Universal has set a release date for October 21st.

Rolling Stone feature on Dark Side 30th Anniversary

Posted by madhack on Mar 26, 2003

Rolling Stone magazine is running a feature on Pink Floyd and the 30th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon. Included are interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Alan Parsons, and Syd Barrett (circa 1971), along with other odds and ends. The interviews alone are quite worth the read -- Dave and Rog both have some interesting things to say about each other.

Dark Side of the Moon SACD review

Posted by madhack on Mar 21, 2003

High Fidelity Review has posted an extensive review of the new Dark Side of the Moon SACD release. The author has a great deal to say about the SACD, and it's a very interesting read.

IE image problem fixed

Posted by madhack on Feb 17, 2003

If you use Internet Explorer 5.0 and are unable to see the corners of the navigation menu, please try your Refresh button, or the Shift key + the Refresh button. We discovered that the image format in use was not supported by IE5.

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