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Posted by mhc on Jun 19, 2000

Mike and I first met online in the IRC channel #pinkfloyd. Soon after, he bought and began the fabulous page you see before you. As a professional web designer, I've bugged Mike for the last couple years to let me co-author Finally, he offered this oppertunity to Dave, Matt, and myself. I'll be keeping my eyes open for the latest Pink Floyd news to bring to, that is if Mike, Matt, and Dave don't beat me to it.



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New editors

Posted by madhack on Jun 19, 2000

I'd like to introduce three friends of mine who will be assisting me in the day-to-day editorial duties on They are Dave (Dave Corning), MHC (Christian Williams), and PuLse (Matt Carrier). These are all people I know and trust, and it is my hope that having a few more heads involved in this will help in keeping the page more up-to-date and therefore keeping you abreast of new developments involving the Floyd. Please join me in welcoming these three to the fold!

New reviews & info on In the Flesh '00

Posted by madhack on Jun 14, 2000

A setlist and two reviews from the Roger Waters In the Flesh 2000 tour are up in the Tour section. The setlist looks very similar to last year's. I've also been told that he's made a habit of performing the new song "Each Small Candle" during encore. I'll be looking forward to the San Francisco show!

New Floyd posters

Posted by madhack on Jun 13, 2000

The Fandom received information regarding Apparently, they are carrying Floyd posters from the 1970 Bath Festival, where Atom Heart Mother was premiered, and the 1975 Knebworth Festival. They are reprints made by the daughter of Freddy Bannister, who promoted both shows. This link will take you directly to the posters in question.

New database for the site

Posted by madhack on May 15, 2000

The Fandom has switched over to a new database back-end (you may have noticed the slightly new date format - a nice side-effect of using a much better back-end). This shouldn't affect most people, but if you notice any strange things on the news page, please email me.

Roger Waters interview

Posted by madhack on May 14, 2000

The Electronic Telegraph has a May 13 article/interview with Roger Waters. The author digs a lot deeper than most, and it makes for quite an interesting read. Thanks to Ilan Ozer for the link.

April Fool's!

Posted by madhack on Apr 2, 2000

As many of you guessed, the tour announcement was an April Fool's prank. Many thanks to Leslie Johnson, who helped me out a lot when my creativity was running low. We tried our best to make it just believable enough to be funny, but too unbelievable to be true. Hope you all enjoyed, and we now resume our regularly scheduled programming :).

"Inner Mind" Floyd tour announced!

Posted by madhack on Apr 1, 2000

Important announcement! The Floyd have announced their 2000 "Inner Mind" tour, kicking off in Boston June 16! See the Tour section for all the info! New information dded as I get it. I'll definitely be buying some tickets!

New Floyd releases and re-releases

Posted by madhack on Mar 28, 2000

Well, tons of "new" Floyd stuff is available on CDNow right now. The UK release of "Is There Anybody Out There" was yesterday (March 27), with a firm US date of April 18. There also appear to be re-releases and remasters of a few other Floyd albums, set for an April 25 release. You can advance order all these releases (including limited edition and long-box tape versions of "Is There Anybody Out There") through the Fandom's CDNow partnership.

In the Flesh '00 dates announced

Posted by madhack on Mar 17, 2000

Lots of stuff happened while I was moving. Roger Waters announced his tour dates. The official site for The Wall Live went up. Many Roger tix go on sale very soon; get yours now!

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