More news on downtime

Posted by madhack on Mar 10, 2000

An update on the upcoming downtime: it will not be for a few more weeks and it will be much shorter than expected, no more than 2 days. I may still have it mirrored though. Thanks to all our regular visitors for your patience.

Downtime approaching

Posted by madhack on Feb 28, 2000

It appears that The Fandom will have some downtime. I will be moving cross-country for a new job. I've arranged to have it mirrored on another server; however, functionality will be greatly decreased and there will be no news updates during this time. I will also be unable to answer email during this time. With any luck, most people should not see any problems; I just want all the people who have made the Fandom so popular to know what's going on.

In the Flesh '00 tour dates soon

Posted by madhack on Feb 22, 2000

Today, Roger Waters' official site proclaimed that West Coast tour dates will be announced in only 2 weeks! You can check back with Roger's site or with the Fandom - the Fandom will have them up as soon as they're announced.

New merchant

Posted by madhack on Feb 9, 2000

The Pink Floyd Fandom has a new affiliation with! They specialize in 8x10 glossies from various concerts and feature a Pink Floyd section. Check it out in the Merchandise section.

Guitar World special on The Wall

Posted by madhack on Feb 8, 2000

The March 2000 issue of Guitar World, available on news stands now, features a cover story about the 20th anniversary of The Wall. It also has tabs for "Comfortably Numb" and "Run Like Hell", and Roger himself has a good bit to say in the article.

Fandom receivs Internet Guide Award

Posted by madhack on Jan 31, 2000

The Pink Floyd Fandom has been given the Internet Guide Award by and will be included in their Internet Guide! Thanks to all of the site's visitors for making this site what it is today. Check out the Links area for a new search function.

New "Search" function

Posted by madhack on Jan 23, 2000

As you can see, a "Search" option has been added to the Fandom. It will allow you to search every page on in all sections of the site. Please report any problems to me at and enjoy.

In the Flesh continues in June

Posted by madhack on Jan 11, 2000

The Official Roger Waters page is now proclaiming that the second leg of Roger's tour will be here in June and July. Can't wait.

Discuss new Roger album with Roger

Posted by madhack on Dec 23, 1999

Roger Waters is running an interactive forum where you can discuss what he may do with his next album. It's available off his official site at the Questions link, or by clicking here. Here's your chance to tell Roger what you think he should do!

Floyd in "Band of the Century" poll

Posted by madhack on Dec 20, 1999

It has come to my attention that Rolling Stone is running a "Band of the Century" poll, as well as "Album of the Century", "Song of the Century", and "Musical Event of the Century". Somehow, Pink Floyd is far far behind, trailing such artists as Tupac Shakur and Guns N' Roses, and Dark Side of the Moon, the only PF album that you can vote on, is a bit behind as well. See the current poll results, or more importantly, go cast your vote for Pink Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon!

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