Storm Thorgerson passes away at 69

Posted by madhack on Apr 18, 2013

Storm Thorgerson, the legendary designer responsible for numerous albums' artwork, has passed away at the age of 69. He is, of course, almost certainly best-known for the iconic cover of Dark Side of the Moon, but created the art for 15 of Pink Floyd's albums in total, not counting special editions and re-releases.

His family released the following statement:
"Yes, Storm has died. He passed away, on Thursday 18th April in the afternoon. His ending was peaceful and he was surrounded by family and friends. He had been ill for some time with cancer though he had made a remarkable recovery from his stroke in 2003. He was in his 70th year."

"He is survived by his mother Vanji, his son Bill, his wife Barbie Antonis and her two children Adam and Georgia."

David Gilmour has shared thoughts and memories of his own on his official site, and the official Pink Floyd site echoes his statements. We'll follow up as the remaining surviving members of the band post their own thoughts.

To quote my own father, who introduced me to Pink Floyd: "A diamond just stopped shining."

Yankee Stadium tickets

Posted by madhack on Jul 6, 2012

The latest news from the Roger Waters site is that tickets for the Saturday show at Yankee Stadium are still available. Good luck to area fans, and enjoy the show!

CBS interviews Roger Waters

Posted by pulse on May 22, 2012

On May 20th, the CBS news program 60 Minutes aired a wonderful piece on Roger Waters and his The Wall Live tour. Extra online content from CBS not included in the 13 minute segment are posted below. The clip Roger Waters: Why I left Pink Floyd is particularly amusing.

Main Article
Roger Waters rebuilds Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
Extras not included in the segment:
Roger Waters: Why I left Pink Floyd
Conceiving of "The Wall"
"This is not '60s b.s."

Googling Nick Mason

Posted by pulse on Mar 29, 2012

The @Google Talks program sat down with Pink Floyd drummer and founding member Nick Mason as part of their Musicians@Google series. The interview lasts one hour and though much is discussed that most Floyd-heads probably know, Mason's take on things is fascinating. The questions are well-thought and you may find them quite interesting, especially towards the end.

Musicians@Google: Nick Mason

Roger Waters on the Howard Stern Show

Posted by alb on Jan 18, 2012

Roger Waters appeared on Howard Stern's radio show this morning. According to sources who listened, the interview lasted approximately one hour. Of course, Roger was asked about a potential reunion. He responded that while there is no animosity, he is currently too busy for such a thing and he assumes the other members of Floyd are too busy as well.

I have uploaded the 57 minute interview to YouTube for your listening pleasure.

No Olympics reunion for Floyd

Posted by madhack on Jan 4, 2012

Despite a recent report that Pink Floyd would be reuniting for the 2012 Olympics, David Gilmour himself has denied that such a reunion was happening. Nick Mason in particular has stated in the past that they'd consider it for the right reason, but it appears the Olympics are not the right reason.

Roger Waters on the Occupy movement

Posted by madhack on Nov 11, 2011

Roger Waters has posted a video speaking out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the related protests around the world, both on his Facebook page and on Vimeo. Because it's a serious and polarizing issue, I've decided not to add any personal commentary, but our readers should feel free to do so on our forums.

Limited edition vinyl for Black Friday

Posted by madhack on Nov 11, 2011

The folks behind Record Store Day have announced special limited-edition LP releases for Black Friday. The full list of records is available at the links above, but the highlight (for us) is a box set of singles from The Wall. Head on over to their site to find participating independent stores near you!

The Wall Live returns to North America

Posted by madhack on Nov 1, 2011

As has been widely expected, Roger Waters today announced a return to North America in mid-2012. The Philadelphia show goes on sale on Nov 7; San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orlando on Nov 18; and the Boston and New York shows on Jan 30 2012. All other dates go on sale on Nov 14.

This summer 2012 schedule is pretty tightly packed, so it seems unlikely that many extra shows will be announced, but there's always a possibility.

Roger matching donations for One Small House

Posted by madhack on Oct 19, 2011 and, a charity program building homes for impoverished families in Mexico, have announced a new matching program. Roger will match donations in a drive to build houses for 10 families. As a 501(c)(3) charity, donations should be tax deductible in the US.

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