Tonight's the night: Dave and Nick with Roger on "Comfortably Numb"

Posted by madhack on May 12, 2011

Per Rolling Stone (they seem to get all the good news lately), David Gilmour has made good on his promise to perform "Comfortably Numb" on Roger's The Wall Live tour, appearing at the top of the wall at the O2 Arena in London.

They were joined by Nick Mason, marking the band's second reunion since Roger's 1983 departure, and the first since Rick Wright passed away.

While there's no reason to expect any repeat performances, I'm sure other fans will join me in hoping for more, anyway.

A deeper dive on "Why Pink Floyd" with Nick Mason

Posted by madhack on May 12, 2011

Rolling Stone has an article on the new Why Pink Floyd...? campaign, in which Nick Mason talks a bit about the process of finding and choosing the previously-unheard material to be released. Those choices include early demos with a lucid Syd and a version of Wish You Were Here featuring a violin accompaniment.

Nick also muses on what makes Floyd's music so enduring and on what the point is of a new release of physical albums in this day and age ("I really think that this could be the last chance for really nice packaging – boxes, books, the whole thing," he notes).

Pink Floyd Campaign Coming Soon!

Posted by alb on May 10, 2011

Pink Floyd and EMI have announced a campaign, kicking off on September 26, 2011, to release the newly remastered Pink Floyd back catalog. In addition to the studio albums, fans will be able to pickup collectors' box sets and more interestingly, unreleased material from the Pink Floyd archives! This campaign should have something for everyone as they will be issuing material in a wide variety of formats: CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and multiple digital formats will be available. Be on the lookout for a viral marketing campaign beginning in September.

Head over to Why Pink Floyd? for more information.

Reward offered in theft of Syd Barrett self-portrait

Posted by madhack on Apr 11, 2011

A reward is being offered for information about the theft of a Syd Barrett self-portrait while on display in a London art gallery. Here's hoping for a speedy return.

UPDATE: It appears that the piece has been returned—by mail.

An Introduction to Syd Barrett - Limited Edition Vinyl

Posted by alb on Feb 24, 2011

On April 16, 2011, you'll have the opportunity purchase a Limited Edition set containing two 180-gram vinyl albums of "An Introduction to Syd Barrett". These special pressings will only be available from independent retailers in the U.S., so don't run over to Best Buy, lest you wish to go home empty-handed. At present, the availability outside the United States is unknown as this is a special Capitol Records release.

Pink Floyd signs new deal with EMI

Posted by madhack on Jan 4, 2011

On the heels of their recent appeals victory over EMI in their lawsuit over individual song sales, Pink Floyd has inked a new deal with the label.

The 5-year new deal permits EMI to "unbundle" individual tracksthe dispute at the heart of the previous lawsuitso that fans can buy individual songs on online music services such as iTunes.

The agreement is a huge help for EMI, as they are heavily in debt and were recently in danger of losing many of their other big acts, including the Beatles.

Roger on "Conan"

Posted by madhack on Dec 14, 2010

Roger Waters will, surprisingly, be making a second appearance on American late-night television this year. He's set to be a guest on Conan O'Brien's new show (strangely titled Conan) on Wednesday, December 15. It airs on TBS at 11 Eastern time; more information is available at the show's official site.

As with the Jimmy Fallon interview earlier this year, Roger is set to do a regular sit-down interview rather than a musical performance.

A potential charity reunion bites the dust

Posted by madhack on Nov 26, 2010

Apparently the presence of socialite Jemima Khan influenced Nick Mason's interest in another Floyd charity reunion. According to The Telegraph's music section, the realization that she was the owner of Kiddington Hall convinced Nick to skip the show, preferring to save a reunion for an event that he didn't see as being quite so celebrity-focused.

Here's hoping something more along the lines of Live 8 does indeed surface.

Gilmour in the midwest with Roger?

Posted by madhack on Oct 26, 2010

I want to stress first and foremost that there's no independent confirmation of this, which comes from a staff blog post and not an official, editor-vetted article from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune. In other words, this shouldn't be taken as the official word of the newspaper, despite being posted by the paper's music columnist.

So, with that out of the way, there's a rumor of the "friend of a friend" type that David Gilmour was spotted with Roger Waters having dinner in the MSP area. This (and an offhand remark Waters made during his Rolling Stone interview, that London would be the obvious spot for Gilmour's promised appearance, "as opposed to, say, Omaha") has led to speculation that the appearance would, indeed, happen in Omahaa show that's happening in just a few hours.

As further evidence we're dealing in pure speculation, the staff blog goes on to hope and suggest that the appearance could be at tomorrow's St. Paul show instead, so it bears repeating that this is all conjecture. Obviously, we will be following up ASAP if David does join Roger for this show, and will be seeking any reports from concertgoers who witness it.

UPDATE: An update from the blog post itself notes that, according to publicists at Sony Music, David Gilmour was not there.

Nick Mason Is Ready To See Pink Floyd Tour Again

Posted by alb on Oct 16, 2010

BBC News is reporting that Nick Mason feels Roger, David and himself could hit the road again, at some point, to perform as Pink Floyd. The catch? The shows would be strictly for charity. Not profit. We all know that Messrs Waters and Gilmour are charitable chaps, so perhaps they would be keen on the idea. I think we can all agree this would be a perfect way to retire the name Pink Floyd.

Read the full story:
BBC News: Pink Floyd May Get Back Together For Charity

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