Roger Waters, Jun 6, 2000 (Minneapolis, MN)

by James Wisker

First off, words don't do the concert justice if you haven't seen Roger
Waters live. In The Flesh was arguably the single greatest moment of my
life. Every song was sung with the up most emotion from Roger and his
backup singers. Snowy White dazzled the crowd with his amazing guitar
work. My favorite part of the show was the encore when they played
Comfortably Numb. The two lead guitarists took turns, ripping into the two
solos, slowly climbing the back wall of the set to meet in the middle at
the top where the climax of the second guitar solo was played by both. I
also thoroughly enjoyed the drum solo during Time. The band was obviously
feeding off of the energy of the crowd and put on a killer performance the
whole way through. The crowd joined in on many numbers including,
Comfortably Numb, Money and The Wall where the crowd took the part of the
children. All in all it was the most intense experience of my life and one
that I will never forget as long as I live.