MrHaircut's Summer Stuff

Haircut has such a flair for words that I've decided to simply paste his explanations with each. Enjoy.

This was taken from a late night run to the casino. First we washed the windows so the cop that pulled me over could get a good look at me. $75 dollar speeding ticket. Didn't win any money gambling.
haha. we were driving through some hick town and we found some furnature with a "free" sign on 'em. So we loaded them in the car and took them to another neighborhood and put all the chairs in someone else's yard. Hahaha. Shit, that was fun.
This was at Laurabox's cabin. We tied some tubes to her boat and went tubin'...
but there wasn't enough air in the tube, and too many people in her slow-ass boat, so i tubed under water.