Welcome to #pinkfloyd

#pinkfloyd is a channel on the IRC network called Efnet, the original and best IRC network. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat - it's essentially a chat system. There are numerous ways to access this; you can get further information by going to the IRC Help page.

If you're looking for Pink Floyd news, lyrics, pictures, or any other info, check out The Pink Floyd Fandom. Further information on this channel:
Photo Gallery of many of the regulars who visit #pinkfloyd
The Wall, where people can post messages to each other and the world
Real-Life, the place to put pics and info about #pinkfloyd regulars meeting in the real world
People currently on #pinkfloyd, courtesy of one of the channel bots, Grimble
Current #pinkfloyd statistics, also from Grimble. This is still in testing so don't freak out if something isn't working right on it.

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