Track Listing - Read the Lyrics
1.  In The Flesh?
2.  The Thin Ice
3.  Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)
4.  The Happiest Days of our Lives
5.  Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
6.  Mother
7.  Goodbye Blue Sky
8.  Empty Spaces
9.  Young Lust
10.  One of My Turns
11.  Don't Leave Me Now
12.  Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)
13.  Goodbye Cruel World
14.  Hey You
15.  Is There Anybody Out There?
16.  Nobody Home
17.  Vera
18.  Bring the Boys Back Home
19.  Comfortably Numb
20.  The Show Must Go On
21.  In The Flesh
22.  Run Like Hell
23.  Waiting for the Worms
24.  Stop
25.  The Trial
26.  Outside the Wall

by Chris Dressner
by Ed Durham
by James Floyd
by Michael Alexander Cormack

The Wall Album Review

By Michael Alexander Cormack

This album is one I've heard all my living days - out the year I was born (1979), and my Dad was (and is) a huge PF fan. I've hence absorbed this album into my life.

This album to me sounds like the frustration and bitterness felt at the way the post-war consensus had fallen apart. Britain wasn't great, it was the sick man of Europe, and Roger felt this very keenly. This is an album not only about Roger's personal life falling apart but his rage at the way Labour had failed, with the Winter of Discontent a recent memory and the huge IMF loans not that far behind. These feelings are reflected in songs like "Bring the Boys", "Vera", and "Waiting for the Worms", with its refrain of "Would you like to see Britannia rule again? Would you like to send our coloured cousins home again?" There's also the unforgettable and always-surprising "We don't need no education" of the kids from Islington Green Comprehensive, which always speaks to me of monotonous, dreary, arbitrarily savage education of the kind seen in the film "Kes". It's got the shock of the new all good art has. The album has the intense seeping white hatred about it. It's intensely bitter - think of songs like "Another Brick in the Wall pt1", "Thin Ice", "Mother" and the Judge's speech in "The Trial". Roger was pissed off and he was showing it. Maybe this album is weaker than WYWH, Animals, DSOTM, and (some of) Meddle musically, but never again did the lyrical and musical content fit so neatly.