Track Listing - Read the Lyrics
1.  The Post War Dream
2.  Your Possible Pasts
3.  One of the Few
4.  The Hero's Return
5.  The Gunner's Dream
6.  Paranoid Eyes
7.  Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
8.  The Fletcher Memorial Home
9.  Southampton Dock
10.  The Final Cut
11.  Not Now John
12.  Two Suns in the Sunset

by Robert Burton
by Steve Hunter

The Final Cut Album Review

By Robert Burton

What an under-rated, overlooked, brilliant album. Though some of it sounds like a continuation of the Wall, beautiful lyrics, fantastic melody, and stomp ass Gilmore guitar abound. Though some of the pieces are truthfully forgettable, the over all effect is still stunning. From the sorrowful South Hampton Dock, to the beautiful Final Cut, and kick-ass tune, Not Now John, which my pre-teen daughters had me play 5 times, this is an album that is truly worth the money it takes to add to your collection.