Track Listing
1.  Obscured by Clouds
2.  When You're In
3.  Burning Bridges
4.  The Gold it's in the...
5.  Wots...Uh the Deal
6.  Mudmen
7.  Childhood's End
8.  Free Four
9.  Stay
10.  Absolutely Curtains

by Stacy Williams/Casey Lane?
by William Isaacs

Obscured by Clouds Album Review

By Stacy Williams/Casey Lane?

The album "Obscured by Clouds" is the album where any true Pink Floyd would agree was the point where the band found their niche in the genre.

The album has subtle hints of things to come in DSOTM and later on in Division Bell where Waters' iron grip on the production was no where in sight.

One could easily compare "Wots...uh..the Deal" with the classic "Us and Them" even though the later has darker overtones. The song "Childhood's End" gave Dave a chance to show he has more than guitar skills, and if you don't believe he wrote the whole song, you'll be interested to know that he not only wrote it, some of it was left out by Roger.

Considering all the facts about Obscured, That it was a movie soundtrack thrown together in a short period of time, by a group that had recently lost its founder and lyrical backbone, I believe this album to be one of the Floyd's best.