Track Listing
1.  Master of Ceremonies
2.  In the Flesh?
3.  Thin Ice
4.  Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)
5.  Happiest Days of Our Lives
6.  Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
7.  Mother
8.  Goodbye Blue Sky
9.  Empty Spaces
10.  What Shall We Do Now?
11.  Young Lust
12.  One of My Turns
13.  Don't Leave Me Now
14.  Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)
15.  Last Few Bricks
16.  Goodbye Cruel World
17.  Hey You
18.  Is There Anybody Out There?
19.  Nobody Home
20.  Vera
21.  Bring the Boys Back Home
22.  Comfortably Numb
23.  The Show Must Go On
24.  Master of Ceremonies
25.  In the Flesh
26.  Run Like Hell
27.  Waiting for the Worms
28.  Stop
29.  Trial
30.  Outside the Wall

by Joao Solimeo
by Lawrence Werrett

Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live Album Review

By Lawrence Werrett

Having blagged a pre-release copy i can safely say it has been well worth the wait.

The performances stem from the concerts at earls court during 80-81,featuring the floyd in thier prime.The performance has far more guts than the original studio recording,with a much 'rockier' sound.Both Dave and Rog sing very well (suprisingly rog actually sounds good live for a change..!),and it features some truly excellent guitar work from Mr.Gilmour.Some parts of the show were obviously performed using backing tapes,but hey,who cares when they sound this good! As usual with the floyd you can expect some serious packaging,featuring exstensive notes from all band members,gerald scarfe,and the producton crew,as well as a plethora of live stills. The inclusion of 'what shall we do know' and 'the last few bricks' makes this a must buy for all floyd heads.My only critisism would be the price (30-00 for 1 and a half hours of music?),and the lack of a live video to support the release.Buy on sight.Play to death.Enjoy.