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1.  Shine on You Crazy Diamond I-V
2.  Welcome to the Machine
3.  Have a Cigar
4.  Wish You Were Here
5.  Shine on You Crazy Diamond VI-IX

by Amanda Yusishen
by Yasmin Hayat

Wish You Were Here Album Review

By Amanda Yusishen

I sometimes find it hard to believe that the album "Wish You Were Here" was released in 1975. The music on the album is over 20 years old, yet it's as relevant and popular today as it was back in the days when it was first released. That's one great element of all of Pink Floyd's music; it's ability to be timeless. The tracks on this album are still in circulation on many radio stations around the world, and most people hearing the songs for the first time could easily mistake it for a new tune by a very mature sounding band.

The album opens with the very whimsical and beautifully written "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I, II, III, IV, V)." The song is composed as a sort of ode to Syd Barrett, the bands founder who was help push Pink Floyd on the road to success. The song has beautiful lyrics and music that blew me away the first time I heard it. I was always under the impression that those long rock songs that were popular in the 70's were just an example of an artists self-indulgent nature. The same message could easily be made in a song half the length of these twenty minute songs. I found my view completely wrong. When you listen to all the parts of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (the latter parts of the song close off the album), you are painted a clear, yet complex picture. The same song, "Shine On.." appears on A Collection of Great Dance Songs, Pink Floyd's sort of 'best of' album. The version of "Shine On.." on this album is considerably cut down in time. This distorts the message the music and lyrics are directing at. Its like looking at a Picasso panting photo copied in black and white; the whole effect is lost.

Even though "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" takes up the majority of the time on this album, the other songs are not to be overlooked. "Welcome To The Machine" evokes feelings of dread in this world of 'Big Brother' that we live in. It forces us to think that our privacy is not just ours anymore. The world is watching you. It knows just what you are doing and why you are doing it.

"Have a Cigar" contains that same idea that our life is not totally ours that is brought up in "Welcome To The Machine." "Have a Cigar" looks at it more humorously. We are given a musicians eye view of the dog eats dog world or music. Quest vocalist Roy Harper makes such lines as "The band is just fantastic,/That is really what I think./Oh by the way, which one's Pink?" seem so un-callous, yet we all know the are sarcastic.

The beautiful "Wish You Were Here" stands in a class by itself. It's simple sounding, yet VERY complex guitar work and meaningful lyrics make this perhaps one of the most beautiful songs Pink Floyd has ever produced. It's elegant and is destined to be a classic for years to come.

The album on a whole, works on may levels. All the songs can stand on their own, and yet make complete sense when paired on the album. No Pink Floyd collection would not be complete without this album. But take this advice, don't make this your first Pink Floyd album. Get to know Pink Floyd, get to know their sound, then dive into deep and almost operatic world of Wish You Were Here. By knowing Pink Floyd a bit better, you will be able to appreciate this album on a completely different level