Track Listing
1.  Cirrus Minor
2.  The Nile Song
3.  Crying Song
4.  Up the Khyber
5.  Green is the Colour
6.  Cymbaline
7.  Party Sequence
8.  Main Theme
9.  Ibiza Bar
10.  More Blues
11.  Quicksilver
12.  A Spanish Piece
13.  Dramatic Theme

by Devin Dana Wave

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By Devin Dana Wave

Hello, I'm Devin from Windsor Ontario, Canada. I'm only 16, but I hate 90's music. You must agree, it really sucks!!!!! Anyways, I love pink floyd and I have every album on CD.

I think More is one of the most underrated floyd albums. I love the old psychedelic pink floyd stuff. I thought that the soundtrack to the film More was awesome. Its often considered to be one of pink floyd's lesser albums but, I thought that the music on it was pretty groovy. Its one of my favourites. Main Theme, Quicksilver and Dramatic Theme are especially trippy and fun to listen to. I think The Nile Song and Ibiza Bar really sound cool too. Cymbaline is one of my favourite floyd slow songs. In total I thought the hole album was pretty far out. In my opinion, its the most fun to listen to of all the psychedelic pink floyd albums. .....But that's just my opinion...........