Track Listing - Read the Lyrics
1.  Speak to Me
2.  Breathe
3.  On The Run
4.  Time/Breathe Reprise
5.  The Great Gig in the Sky
6.  Money
7.  Us and Them
8.  Any Colour You Like
9.  Brain Damage
10.  Eclipse

by Mike Engler

The Dark Side of the Moon Album Review

By Mike Engler

This is probably gonna sound like all the rest of the PF fans, but hey, who can't admit that DSOTM Rules. The 1st song Speak to me is a cool sounding intro. It sets the mood for the album well, and the intensity rises until Breathe slams to a start. This song, most likely either advocating marijuana use or explaining how grand the air is, is a masterpiece. It's lyrics are well told, and one can feel what they're in for if they've never heard the album before. This song closes to On the run, which sounds like the inside of a mental house going nuts! This song acts almost as an intermission for the next song, Time, which is one of the more heavier songs on the album. It starts with a dreamy roto-tom intro, which quickly gives way to the driving beat of the song. The lyrics are very well written, telling of how a person, perhaps good ol' Roger himself, has wasted time, and can't make up for it. This great song goes right into the breathe reprise, which seems like he had already recorded the song Breathe, and said "Hey, I've got more lyrics that'll go to Breathe, but I'm already done with the song. I'll just put it on the end of Time." This seemed to work out just right, as it always does for Floyd. As this song winds down, it's time to cool out with The great gig in the sky, with vocal expressions by Leslie Duncan. The song basically says that that you shouldn't be afraid of dying, because we all gotta go sometime. Great way of putting it across!! This goes into one of Floyd's most infamous tunes, Money. The song says perfectly how money really is the root of all evil today. The guitar solo is one of Floyd's most rip-roaring solos ever, with wah wah and effects galore. This song rules in both message and music! The sound of money fades into the mellow Us and Them. This song has got to be up there as one of the best well written songs ever. The message of anti-war is there, but it's not in the hippy terms of all these other 70's bands. It's just presenting the problem, you make the decision. This song delves right into Any color you like, a trippy, bluesy organ and guitar solo. This song will make you see things even if you're not on any drugs!! Then the 2nd most famous track starts, Brain damage. This song has a catchy, yet dark theme that just makes you go insane thinking about it. The last song, Eclipse, is the perfect ending to the album. In all, this has gotta be one of the most greatest albums of all time. And for being recorded in '71-'72, the sound quality is as good as the stuff out today. To anyone who doesn't have The dark side of the moon, GET IT!! If you do have it, just sit back and enjoy the great thinkings of Pink Floyd, and appreciate their hard work for us, the fan!!