Pink Floyd Album and Tour Speculation

Posted by pulse on Aug 8, 2000

UPDATE: The following information was proven INACCURATE/FALSE according to the gentleman who first made claims of a new tour and new album in 2001 on the website "A Fleeting Glimpse."
Here is the link: NO NEW TOUR NEW ALBUM

Notice: Before you freak out over the contents of this post, first and foremost understand that I do NOT like posting anything I view as a rumor on this page. What you are about to read should ONLY be viewed as a rumor, so take this as a grain of salt. The reasons why are obvious. I am not familiar with this individual or his sources, but this seemed like such an exciting read I felt our readers should see for themselves. Obviously, if this turns out to be bogus, understand we are in no way affiliated with this individual or his site. Now... onto the gravy...

According to this gentleman's source, Pink Floyd will be back in the studio this Fall to start working on their new album under an EMI label. Work is to begin September/October and will conclude for a release next Spring followed by what is insinuated as the most extravagant Pink Floyd tour yet, maybe even the last. Here are the remaining details.

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