In the Flesh rules

Posted by madhack on Jul 24, 1999

I just got back from seeing Roger Waters' second show, in Chicago, IL. It was incredible. I also met Michael Simone of REG - The Roger Waters International Fan Club. I will be putting up a setlist and a review shortly, possibly in a special tour section, but right now I'm too busy coming down from the show. I will say that it was simply amazing, however, and there were a few surprises - like when they played Dogs. I'm going to go glow some more. When I get back to Cleveland I'll write a review and put up the setlist. Maybe tomorrow, but no promises. Check back soon for more info on the show. On a concert-related, but different, note: if anyone is going to be at the Cleveland show on July 27 or the Baltimore show on August 20, I'll be the guy in black jeans and an orange short-sleeve buttonup shirt. Hope to see some of you there.

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