A little bit about reviews

Posted by madhack on Nov 25, 1998

Still no new developments on the Floydian front. I have recieved a few fan reviews, unfortunately I haven't had time to put them up. I'm working on it as we speak. Note that while I don't have a problem with the "song-by-song", one-paragraph-per-point format that the reviews have taken, submitters are free to choose their own format. What fun would it be without each individual's creativity coming into play? Keep the reviews coming. I'm still working on the lyrics archive as well, but I'm without a scanner for the time being so larger scans of the album covers for the lyrics pages aren't forthcoming yet. I'm already halfway done with The Final Cut, I just need to take a moment to finish typing it up. I chose this album because a) it has great lyrics (duh) and b) it provides a good contrast to The Division Bell, the first album up in the lyrics section. It's looking like I might have time to work on this a bit more often so there should be some improvements in content soon.

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