The Early Years box set

Posted by madhack on Jul 28, 2016

Another box set/collector's item was announced today in the form of Pink Floyd, The Early Years 1965-1972. The set contains 10 CDs, nine DVDs, eight Blu-Ray discs, five 7" vinyl records, and memorabilia including concert posters, flyers, tickets, and programs. Of course, Pink Floyd had no studio recordings before 1967, so presumably the 1965-1966 era is covered with that memorabilia.

For those unable or unwilling to purchase a huge box set at a huge box set price, a 2-CD release titled Cre/ation - The Early Years 1967-1972 will also be released. While some of the CD releases's recordings were previously available on various compilation albums, others, like those from the BBC Sessions, were previously available only as "bootlegs". Newly remastered versions of "Childhood's End", "Free Four", and "Stay" are also included, as is a very early predecessor to "Echoes" from its time as a multipart composition called "Nothing".

Both hit stores on November 11.

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