The Endless River

Posted by madhack on Nov 11, 2014

As all of our readers no doubt know, The Endless River, which is essentially guaranteed to be the last studio release from Pink Floyd, has by now been released globally (and of course can be ordered at the link above or via the sidebar). As one would expect for a release from such an important and legendary band that until a few months ago seemed unthinkable, there's a ton of news out there.

Rolling Stone spoke to David Gilmour about why he thinks this is truly the end for Pink Floyd, what's on the horizon for him, and whether there was ever any real chance of Roger Waters appearing on the record.

Meanwhile, Nick Mason speculates to Billboard about the possibilities of more remixes/remasters (including Animals), additional unreleased material that might accompany such re-releases, and video coming up in support of The Endless River (not to mention years of archived video).

In The Studio's Redbeard also spoke to Gilmour and Mason, in an audio interview aboard David's floating studio on the Thames, about the genesis of the album.

Obviously there's plenty more to come, so should you find anything particularly notable, please feel free to contact me using the email link above.

Finally, we leave you with the newly-released promo video for "Louder Than Words", the closing song of The Endless River and, for all practical purposes, Pink Floyd.

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