New Roger Waters Song: 'If I Had Been God'

Posted by alb on Sep 29, 2014

Several singles, for lack of a better term, have been released by Roger since his last official studio album, Amused To Death (1992), and Roger has been candid about the fact that he was working on a project tentatively titled "Homeland".

That's all relatively old news now, since he then embarked on a monumental world tour of The Wall, playing just about every corner of the earth over the course of three-plus years. 219 shows later, Roger finally had the time to complete this new record.

Will any of those aforementioned 'singles' be included on this new studio album, whatever it ends up being called? Roger isn't saying much, but has hinted that like his most successful albums, this new piece will have a central theme. "It's about an old man and a young child trying to figure out why they are killing the children", he recently stated to Rolling Stone magazine.

A new song, "If I Had Been God", was performed at the Russell Tribunal (also known as the International War Crimes Tribunal) recently. This performance consists of Mr. Waters playing an acoustic guitar by himself while singing the lyrics of the song. It certainly sounds like it could fit in with the expected concept of his eagerly anticipated album. We hope you enjoy it!

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