Gilmour in the midwest with Roger?

Posted by madhack on Oct 26, 2010

I want to stress first and foremost that there's no independent confirmation of this, which comes from a staff blog post and not an official, editor-vetted article from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune. In other words, this shouldn't be taken as the official word of the newspaper, despite being posted by the paper's music columnist.

So, with that out of the way, there's a rumor of the "friend of a friend" type that David Gilmour was spotted with Roger Waters having dinner in the MSP area. This (and an offhand remark Waters made during his Rolling Stone interview, that London would be the obvious spot for Gilmour's promised appearance, "as opposed to, say, Omaha") has led to speculation that the appearance would, indeed, happen in Omahaa show that's happening in just a few hours.

As further evidence we're dealing in pure speculation, the staff blog goes on to hope and suggest that the appearance could be at tomorrow's St. Paul show instead, so it bears repeating that this is all conjecture. Obviously, we will be following up ASAP if David does join Roger for this show, and will be seeking any reports from concertgoers who witness it.

UPDATE: An update from the blog post itself notes that, according to publicists at Sony Music, David Gilmour was not there.

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