"Oh By The Way"

Posted by madhack on Dec 13, 2007

As many of you already know (especially since I meant to post this Monday), Pink Floyd has released their latest boxed set, Oh By The Way -- and just in time for the holidays. The set contains all 16 of the band's studio albums (minus, of course, the compilation albums Relics, A Collection of Great Dance Songs, and Echoes) with artwork based on the original LP releases', and a few other tidbits.

Unfortunately, there's no new (musical) material to really entice fans. It could still be a good gift for the Floyd fanatic or completist, though; I've already got it on my list to go with my Shine On boxed set. If nothing else, it's worth a peek at the two covers shown on the band's site, with a Waters/Mason version and a Gilmour/Wright version (both included on the set's case). There's also a bit more information on the set's release at their site.

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