Product Updates: PULSE DVD & WYWH SACD

Posted by pulse on Jul 20, 2005

Brain Damage is relaying information from Pink Floyd's management that the long-awaited PULSE DVD is nearly finished. The final touches are being made to extras and the documentary that will be included. No release date has been finalized for the dual-disc dvd, but it is hoped to be released by the end of 2005.

Also, long-time Pink Floyd producer James Guthrie is nearly finished with a full surround mixing of Pink Floyd's classic album, "Wish You Were Here." The version will be released in hybrid CD/SACD (Super Audio CD) format near the end of 2005. This will be the second surround mixing from the Pink Floyd catalog to be released in SACD format--the first being the critically acclaimed "Dark Side of the Moon" in 2003.

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