Putting tour rumors to rest

Posted by madhack on Oct 23, 2004

Recently, something Nick Mason mentioned has been blown quite out of proportion, with rumors flying that Roger will be reuniting with the band for a tour. Unfortunately, an interview with Scottish TV has put the rumors to rest. When asked about the prospects of the band reuniting, Nick said:

"Well, I'd have to say it's very unlikely and I think possibly on one occasion I said something like this and it was misunderstood and everyone announced that the band was reforming in its original guise which definitely is not on the cards. What I said was I though the only thing that might draw us all together it would not be for a big tour or big money, it would be for the equivalent of a new Live Aid, something that was worthwhile that we all felt more important than everyone worrying about their ego, their career prospects or whatever. And it just would feel worthwhile enough to do something."

While the editors here would be as happy as any other Floyd fans to see a reunion and tour, it simply does not appear to be a likelihood.

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