Exciting new functionality coming soon

Posted by madhack on Oct 16, 2002

Astute visitors may have noticed that some things look slightly different than they used to (news, reviews, tour info, and especially the search page). This is due to new code that I have been developing for Before the end of the week I expect to also have the Links and Lyrics pages using this new code as well, which uses a database to retrieve all the information instead of static webpages.

Why should you care? Because I'm beginning work on a new members section. Account registration will be free (in fact, if you have a Webmail account, you will already have a login to the members site), and once signed up you will be able to submit news stories, reviews, tour setlists, and links from the Pink Floyd Fandom website. Myself and the other admins will be able to review and approve or reject postings through a similar interface, enabling us to quickly and efficiently add new user-submitted content. This should help clear up the massive backlog of reviews and other content that has been submitted but not added, and hopefully will also add a whole new level of excitement and interactivity to the site.

More updates will be posted as this project proceeds, so keep an eye out!

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