Concerning Pink Floyd and future touring plans...

Posted by pulse on Nov 12, 2001

There are currently no future plans for Pink Floyd to tour together or as a group under this name again. Their recent comments are not very positive for fans wishing this to materialize. I myself think any future activities from the Pink Floyd camp may only involve unreleased and rehashed older material, or revisioned/remastered formats of previously released albums and videos. But I lack confidence we will ever see the band touring the world again or creating new music together as Pink Floyd like we last observed in 1994.

However, this does not mean we can no longer enjoy them. The catalog Pink Floyd created is enormous and we still have their solo careers to follow, which are once again becoming very active! Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Richard Wright have all stated in their own words recently they are working on new material! Please keep in mind the past and current members, Roger Waters and David Gilmour do have plans to solo tour in 2002 and release new solo material you may be interested in checking out.

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