EMI to release new Pink Floyd compilation album

Posted by pulse on Apr 12, 2001

EMI has announced plans to release a new compilation album from Pink Floyd. The album will include "a selection of hits, not B-sides" that have yet to be finalized. This marks the first best-of set since "A Collection Of Great Dance Songs," released in 1981, and compilation album since "Works," released in 1983. It will be assembled with input by the band, and should be out the first week of November. Here is the official press release at Billboard music. (Link no longer valid - madhack)

Gilmour takes up a new instrument

Posted by pulse on Mar 20, 2001

David has found a new hobby to accompany his incredible guitar playing. His wife bought him a shiney new tenor saxophone for his recent 55th birthday. He has already passed his grade one exam. Does this mean we'll be hearing Dave play sax instead of Dick Parry on any future Pink Floyd album? Ha Ha... I don't know about that! But here is the article at Q4Music.

Unearthed Syd Barrett Song

Posted by pulse on Feb 26, 2001

A new compilation album for co-founder and former member, Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd is due out on May 29th entitled "Wouldn't You Miss Me" by EMI Records. A newly unearthed track is on this album called "Bob Dylan's Blues." Rolling Stone recently reported that Barrett likely was inspired to write the song after he and Floyd bandmate David Gilmour watched Dylan perform in London circa 1963, and the song was written some time shortly thereafter. Gilmour later recorded Barrett performing the song in 1969 during his brief solo career. Gilmour has generously provided the rare piece from his private collection to project co-ordinator, Tim Chacksfield for this album. It appears that Gilmour has always rated the song highly, so Barrett enthusiasts might want to check it out. For more information, read further on Enjoy!

In the Flesh on Music Choice

Posted by madhack on Feb 19, 2001

Music Choice is running a one-hour show featuring a live recording of the "In the Flesh" tour until Feb. 25. You can check out their Waters site for times and channels.

SFX Roger Waters Interview

Posted by pulse on Feb 8, 2001

Spare Bricks - The Pink Floyd Webzine has exclusively been given this wonderful story by John Valenzuela, a staff writer who is also a sound technician-editor that resides in New York, and has worked with Roger on previous interviews by Jim Ladd and SFX Radio. He tells a delightful tale of his experiences with Roger during an interview session that took place in the Bahamas last fall based on the promotion of Roger's live album, "In The Flesh." I believe it contains one of the most entertaining and funny interviews of Roger Waters I have ever read or listened too anywere! Enjoy! Roger & Me (link is no longer valid)

Nice recognition for Gilmour

Posted by pulse on Feb 2, 2001

After the realization that mainstream companies of our pop culture and media hyped society like VH1/MTV have little love for the band who would never "sell out" to their requests and demands for their unwarranted hype machine, it has appeared they will never give current and former Pink Floyd members their due. Gilmour has been left off their "20 Greatest Guitarists Countdown," as has Roger Waters on their "Greatest Songwriters Countdown." Their absences on lists that almost any credible musical historian of Rock 'n Roll would notice and question. But it's nice to see REAL fans of a particular genre give credit where credit is due. In a popular site for guitar enthusiasts, fans have voted Gilmour from a large list including names like Clapton, Page, and Hendrix as the Champion of the Guitar Survivor Series. Enjoy!

Move successful!

Posted by madhack on Jan 25, 2001

The Fandom has been moved to a faster machine on a new network. If you have any problem with any parts of the page, please let us know at so we can look into it. Thanks for your patience and for your continued visitation of our site.

Wish You Were Here video available!

Posted by madhack on Jan 11, 2001

The recently announced "Wish You Were Here" video by Storm Thorgerson is now available at What're you waiting for?! Go!

New Waters CD now available

Posted by madhack on Dec 1, 2000

Roger Waters' "In the Flesh" CD is now available for preorder at CDNow. Release date is currently set for Dec. 5!

Waters CD update

Posted by madhack on Nov 3, 2000

This isn't exactly new news, but it is an update. The Official Roger Waters site now features a tracklist of the upcoming double-CD release of In the Flesh, from the Waters tour of the same name. The release date has been set at December 5, 2000. The disc contains 24 tracks, including the new, as-yet-unreleased song "Each Small Candle". You can preorder the CD at CDNow.

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