Roger Waters Concert DVD News

Posted by pulse on Sep 13, 2000

***UPDATE*** This news is offical: Roger Water's Official Site

This information was obtained from the Roger Waters Fan Club and is from REG sources, not Roger Waters' management. Just so you know, we are in no way affliated with either of these organizations.


"According to extremely credible REG sources, the Roger Waters live tour video will be titled:
Roger Waters: 'In The Flesh' and will be released on DVD and VHS tape by the end of November
2000, 'Around Thanksgiving,' we were told. Speaking of both the album and video our contact
said, 'We're working on them furiously at this moment.' The DVD will be the complete show of the
Portland Oregon concert. However, it is not yet clear whether the VHS tape version will
incorporate the entire show or only a majority of it." -RWFC

Labor Day Sale on Floyd music

Posted by madhack on Sep 1, 2000

CDNow is having a special Labor Day sale on Pink Floyd music! All U.S. titles are 30% off. You can get these titles here or from the Merchandise section of the Fandom. Now's your chance to round out your Floyd collections. Enjoy!

Pink Floyd Album and Tour Speculation

Posted by pulse on Aug 8, 2000

UPDATE: The following information was proven INACCURATE/FALSE according to the gentleman who first made claims of a new tour and new album in 2001 on the website "A Fleeting Glimpse."
Here is the link: NO NEW TOUR NEW ALBUM

Notice: Before you freak out over the contents of this post, first and foremost understand that I do NOT like posting anything I view as a rumor on this page. What you are about to read should ONLY be viewed as a rumor, so take this as a grain of salt. The reasons why are obvious. I am not familiar with this individual or his sources, but this seemed like such an exciting read I felt our readers should see for themselves. Obviously, if this turns out to be bogus, understand we are in no way affiliated with this individual or his site. Now... onto the gravy...

According to this gentleman's source, Pink Floyd will be back in the studio this Fall to start working on their new album under an EMI label. Work is to begin September/October and will conclude for a release next Spring followed by what is insinuated as the most extravagant Pink Floyd tour yet, maybe even the last. Here are the remaining details.

New Fandom design

Posted by madhack on Jul 14, 2000

As regular visitors will notice, the Fandom has a somewhat new design as of a few moments ago. Many props to mhc for the new logo design. Please report any problems to and enjoy!

Roger Waters Album News

Posted by pulse on Jun 28, 2000

Doyle Bramhall II is a Texas blues-funk guitarist who is playing with Roger Waters on his 2000 In The Flesh Tour. He has said that not only have Roger and the band been working on the new studio album, but they are also going to release a live album of a performance from this tour. More details to come as they surface.

Oz/Dark Side on Turner Classic Movies

Posted by mhc on Jun 26, 2000

On July 3rd at 11pm (ET), Turner Classic Movies will be broadcasting the Wizard of Oz along with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as the Second Audio Program. In case you haven't heard, there is a strange relation between MGM's classic film and the legendary Dark Side. Turner's website explains how to do the synchronicity on your own, and points out quite a few of the similarities between the film and the album.


Posted by pulse on Jun 19, 2000

Forever and ever... the famous last words of a masterpiece by the band whom is legend. Pink Floyd, whom I consider to be the most artistical band in history of which I am a devoted fan, I hope to provide some insight too in hopefully what will be a long lasting relationship with this site. I would like to thank my best friend Mike Markley for putting this great site together. I would like to thank my friends of #pinkfloyd, who sometimes give me a hard time ;) for their words of wisdom. And I would like to take these last few words to say that I will try my best to contribute worthy information that would only be deserved by fans who really do know good taste. Have a great one.

Matt Carrier aka PuLse

Another new editor

Posted by dave on Jun 19, 2000

Hi. My name's dave and my nick on efnet is [m1]. Mike and I first met on irc on EFNet in #pinkfloyd. I live in california and I like brunettes and unix :) well, and pink floyd of course.

I'll be seeing all 3 of Roger Waters' shows in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. WOO HOO.

Untitled Story

Posted by mhc on Jun 19, 2000

Mike and I first met online in the IRC channel #pinkfloyd. Soon after, he bought and began the fabulous page you see before you. As a professional web designer, I've bugged Mike for the last couple years to let me co-author Finally, he offered this oppertunity to Dave, Matt, and myself. I'll be keeping my eyes open for the latest Pink Floyd news to bring to, that is if Mike, Matt, and Dave don't beat me to it.



The only non-four-letter-name admin

New editors

Posted by madhack on Jun 19, 2000

I'd like to introduce three friends of mine who will be assisting me in the day-to-day editorial duties on They are Dave (Dave Corning), MHC (Christian Williams), and PuLse (Matt Carrier). These are all people I know and trust, and it is my hope that having a few more heads involved in this will help in keeping the page more up-to-date and therefore keeping you abreast of new developments involving the Floyd. Please join me in welcoming these three to the fold!

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