"The Wall" is out on DVD

Posted by madhack on Dec 1, 1999

Update: The Wall DVD is set to come out tomorrow, December 2. You can order the DVD or advance order the new remastered VHS (set to come out in a week or two) from CDNow, or pre-order the VHS through CDUniverse. The DVD contains such bonuses as commentary by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe and many other things, detailed at the official Pink Floyd page.

We're back up (obviously)

Posted by madhack on Nov 11, 1999

After a long long night of work, is back up. Obviously the move wasn't as transparent as I'd hoped. Sorry all for the downtime.

Possible downtime

Posted by madhack on Nov 7, 1999

Just a heads up to any regular visitors to the Fandom: The machine that hosts the page is going to be moving to a new location soon. Now, in theory, there should be no downtime because of the way we're coordinating the switch. But that's over there in theory, and unfortunately, this is all happening in the real world. So there's a possibility of some downtime sometime this week, but keep checking in and you should be able to eventually get here.

Live "The Wall" release delayed

Posted by madhack on Nov 4, 1999

It appears that EMI has delayed the release of the live "The Wall" album, entitled "Is There Anybody Out There? -- The Wall Live" until February 7, 2000. Sucks, I was really looking forward to getting this and the DVD as Christmas presents for myself... see the press release on Yahoo News.

Download new Waters single

Posted by madhack on Nov 2, 1999, as part of their Download 2000 promotion, is featuring Roger Waters' "Lost Boys Calling" for this week's download. Download the single here.

"The Wall" DVD release date correction

Posted by madhack on Oct 28, 1999

Well, CDNow now agrees with the other music stores that the release date for The Wall DVD is December 7. You can still pre-order it, though.

More info on "The Wall" DVD

Posted by madhack on Oct 13, 1999

More information on the DVD version of The Wall at the official Pink Floyd site at Sony Music. Check it out!

Release date for "The Wall" DVD

Posted by madhack on Oct 10, 1999

Release date for The Wall on DVD is set for November 9. You can place an advance order on CDNow. The DVD version of the movie includes commentary by Waters and James Guthrie, and Roger has suggested that Reel 7 (Hey You) has been added in as a bonus. Looks absolutely great. You'll also note on CDNow that it's being rereleased on VHS, for those of you without DVD players. I've seen nothing on the differences between the VHS and DVD releases, but hopefully the tape will have some goodies as well. Also note that some places are saying it's coming out on the 23rd; I'll note the correct date when I find out.

New design

Posted by madhack on Oct 9, 1999

Yep, new site design is online. Please report any problems to, and enjoy!

Roger Waters article on CNN

Posted by madhack on Sep 20, 1999

Check out a new article about Roger Waters on He talks about the usual stuff - the tour, his feelings on music and Floyd, etc. Also a few audio samples from the tour. Interesting read, check it out.

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