Gilmour's Comfortably Numb promise

Posted by madhack on Jul 14, 2010

Big news from a note on the official Facebook page for Roger Waters and the Wall Live tour: David Gilmour, while attempting to convince Roger to attempt "To Know Him Is to Love Him" at the HOPING Foundation event, has promised to play on "Comfortably Numb" at one stop of the tour. From the page:

Some weeks passed with David cajoling me from time to time, telling me how easy it would be, but I clung resolutely to my fear of failure until one day he made one final entreaty. I quote "If you do 'To Know Him Is To Love Him' for The Hoping Foundation Gig, I'll come and do 'C. Numb' on one of your Wall shows". Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather. How fucking cool! I was blown away. How could I refuse such an offer. I couldn't, there was no way. ...

Roger goes on to say that David will choose the gig, but this will clearly be an enormous event for one lucky bunch of concertgoers, and I will certainly be selfishly hoping for one of the shows I'm attending. Call it the ultimate lottery for a Floyd fan!

I'd be remiss not to mention that there are plenty of other interesting bits in the post about the charity gig, and it sounds like Roger had a good time and has enormous respect for David. Clearly, though, for fans, the promise of at least one more reunion is the big news in the post.

HOPING Foundation reunion photos and more from Polly Samson

Posted by madhack on Jul 13, 2010

From the Pink Floyd Facebook page comes a link to the official website of Polly Samson (Gilmour's wife and co-writer of parts of The Division Bell). Her photography page houses a number of photos she took of the HOPING Foundation appearance by Dave and Roger. Call me crazy, but they actually appear to be having a good time.

Also there are photos from the On An Island sessions, including what I think are some rather good shots of the late Richard Wright and some random Live 8 reunion photos sprinkled in. Very much worth a look.

Dave and Rog Reunite!

Posted by pulse on Jul 11, 2010

David Gilmour and Roger Waters reunited on stage last night to raise money for the Hoping Foundation, a charitable organization based in England that strives to raise money and awareness for improving education and living conditions of Palestinian youths. The event, organized by Bella Freud and Karma Nabulsi, took place at Kidlington in Oxfordshire, England and raised over 350,000.

They performed four songs before 200 guests, accompanied by Guy Pratt (on bass and acoustic guitar), Harry Waters (on keyboards), Andy Newmark (on drums), Chester Kamen (on guitar) and Jonjo Grisdale (also on keyboards). The songs were "To Know Him Is To Love Him," a regularly featured non-Pink Floyd tune used in sound checks way back when, followed by Pink Floyd favorites: "Wish You Were Here," "Comfortably Numb," and "Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)."

Here's a picture from the rehearsal and more from the event. You can read more over at David Gilmour's page.

Another batch of US shows

Posted by madhack on Jun 12, 2010 has announced what they say are the final four US tour dates, adding an extra show each in Boston, Chicago, LA, and the San Francisco Bay area (Oakland). The new Chicago presale is on June 21, with June 14 everywhere else.

Mexico City added; more Europe dates added

Posted by madhack on Jun 8, 2010

The Wall Live will now be coming to Mexico City on its North American tour, and extra dates have been added in Arnhem, Budapest, London, Antwerp, and Zurich in response to demand. Tickets are at the usual place.

Germany pre-sale on June 4

Posted by madhack on Jun 2, 2010

On the heels of the recently announced European tour dates, The Wall Live's Germany shows will have their presale on June 4 at Roger's official site.

European tour dates for The Wall Live announced

Posted by madhack on May 27, 2010

Great news for the vast numbers of Floyd fans on their native side of the pond: The Roger Waters The Wall Live tour will be in Europe in 2011. Dates are available on our Tour page and have been added to the official tour site.

Rock Band survey

Posted by madhack on May 15, 2010

For those of you who've been hoping for a Rock Band (or Guitar Hero) release centered on Pink Floyd, here's your chance to weigh in!

Harmonix, who makes the Rock Band franchise, is running a poll asking which bands people might be interested in seeing featured in a game. Aside from our favorite band, the choices include Led Zeppelin, U2, the Eagles, and Queen, and you can vote for more than one bandthough I expect everyone reading it here will be inclined to vote for Floyd, at a minimum.

Additional "The Wall Live" shows in 12 cities

Posted by madhack on May 10, 2010

Extra shows have been added to this year's The Wall Live tour in eight cities: Toronto, Boston, New York, Long Island, Montreal, East Rutherford, Ft. Lauderdale, and San Jose. Tickets for all shows are on sale now.

Update: Another four cities have gained an additional show: Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Anaheim.

Roger speaks on the Elliott Smith memorial

Posted by madhack on May 5, 2010

Well, the new tour and the marketing campaign around it are sure producing more Floyd news than usual...

Several blogs and small papers in Los Angeles (such as LA Weekly) have noted, with a degree of outrage that may be somewhat confusing to anyone who's never heard of Mr. Smith, that Roger's "street team" "defaced" a memorial to the late musician.

As the facts have emerged, a few things have become clear: the promoters almost certainly chose the location on their own with no direction from Waters (despite LA Weekly's suggestion that the evil "dinosaur" has paid people to disrespect a local legend), and the anti-war quote covering the ad hoc memorial (which has itself been modified by "street artists" many times in the past) consists of an easily-removed wheat paste.

In the wake of the regional backlash, Roger has apologized (and made clear that the image will be removed) in a statement on the tour's official Facebook page, as well as in an interview with the Los Angeles Times Music Blog. In the interview, he goes on to note that he feels Elliott Smith would have appreciated the sentimentperhaps not likely to soothe Smith's fans, but also perhaps true.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear that Roger meant no disrespect to a beloved artist.

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