Roger speaks on the Elliott Smith memorial

Posted by madhack on May 5, 2010

Well, the new tour and the marketing campaign around it are sure producing more Floyd news than usual...

Several blogs and small papers in Los Angeles (such as LA Weekly) have noted, with a degree of outrage that may be somewhat confusing to anyone who's never heard of Mr. Smith, that Roger's "street team" "defaced" a memorial to the late musician.

As the facts have emerged, a few things have become clear: the promoters almost certainly chose the location on their own with no direction from Waters (despite LA Weekly's suggestion that the evil "dinosaur" has paid people to disrespect a local legend), and the anti-war quote covering the ad hoc memorial (which has itself been modified by "street artists" many times in the past) consists of an easily-removed wheat paste.

In the wake of the regional backlash, Roger has apologized (and made clear that the image will be removed) in a statement on the tour's official Facebook page, as well as in an interview with the Los Angeles Times Music Blog. In the interview, he goes on to note that he feels Elliott Smith would have appreciated the sentimentperhaps not likely to soothe Smith's fans, but also perhaps true.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear that Roger meant no disrespect to a beloved artist.

Roger Waters on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Posted by madhack on May 5, 2010

Roger will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight (May 5), almost certainly promoting the upcoming The Wall Live tour. According to the current lineup, he's scheduled to be interviewed rather than to perform.

("Mr. 'Brick in the Wall' Waters"? Really?)

Roger Waters on the likelihood of another reunion

Posted by madhack on May 4, 2010

Roger Waters has suggested in the past that he was open to a Pink Floyd reunion after the Live 8 show but that David Gilmour was no longer interested. In a recent interview with the Associated Press (quoted by Gibson's website among others), he confirms that this is the case, saying, "After Live 8, I could have probably gone for doing some more stuff, but he's not interested."

Though it's not a surprise, this reaffirmation is still a little sad to this fan.

Roger's final tour?

Posted by madhack on Apr 13, 2010

Mentioned in some of the stories about the new The Wall tour is a quote from Roger Waters to the Associated Press, suggesting that this will be his last tour:

"I'm not as young as I used to be. I'm not like B.B. King, or Muddy Waters. I'm not a great vocalist or a great instrumentalist or whatever, but I still have the fire in my belly, and I have something to say. I have a swan song in me and I think this will probably be it."

"The Wall" live

Posted by madhack on Apr 12, 2010

Confirming what we heard rumored last year, Roger Waters has announced that he will be playing the seminal Floyd album The Wall on tour in 2010. Tour dates are available on Roger's site and will be posted in our Tour section shortly.

A more unique cover album

Posted by madhack on Mar 31, 2010

A programmer and 8-bit music enthusiast has joined the Dark Side of the Moon cover trend with a fun and free 8-bit version sequenced for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. You can give it a quick listen on YouTube or download the whole thing (split into side one and side two).

Pink Floyd wins in court

Posted by madhack on Mar 11, 2010

The band has won their court fight over digital downloads, with the UK's High Court agreeing that their 1999 record deal's requirement that tracks not be split from their albums for sale applies to digital downloads. EMI has been ordered to pay £40,000 in court costs. In addition, EMI will be on the hook for an undisclosed amount of royalties.

Not clear is what this actually means for single-track digital downloads of Floyd songs, with Reuters claiming that their sales have been ordered to stop and BBC claiming the opposite.

EMI suit gets to the courtroom

Posted by madhack on Mar 9, 2010

Pink Floyd's royalties lawsuit against longtime label EMI, first reported 11 months ago, has made its way to court.

Not mentioned much in the news coverage is the question of whether the results of this case, should it not be settled, could end up establishing a precedent (at least in UK courts) for how artists' online music sales are calculated. Though it's well known that the band doesn't exactly need the money, EMI will likely not be finding much public sympathy as a record label, either.

The Division Bell stamp

Posted by madhack on Mar 6, 2010

It's David Gilmour's birthday, and the UK's Royal Mail has released a souvenir stamp based on The Division Bell. More information is available at the official site.

Pink Floyd on CBS show "Cold Case"

Posted by madhack on Mar 3, 2010

CBS's show "Cold Case" will be airing an episode feautirng only Pink Floyd songs on March 21. As a publicity move, it seems to be working, although I'm not sure if I'll watch.

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