The Flaming Lips performing

Posted by madhack on Dec 3, 2009

According to numerous media outlets (including Rolling Stone), The Flaming Lips will be performing Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" at the stroke of midnight, January 1, 2010 in Oklahoma City.

The Rolling Stone article goes on to note that the band's previously-announced cover of DSotM has already been recorded and may be released exclusively via iTunes.

Lost 1967 performance found

Posted by madhack on Dec 3, 2009

According to Spinner (via Mojo), a copy of the BBC's "Top of the Pops" show from 1967 featuring Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett) has been discovered in a private collection. The British Film Institute has partially restored the film and will be shown at the "Missing Believed Wiped" event on January 9 in London.

For those wondering how this was lost in the first place: Up until the 1970s or sometimes even '80s, many networks had a habit of reusing or throwing away tapes. In the BBC's case, this has led to searches for old footage of shows like "Top of the Pops" and "Doctor Who" which would have some cultural significance today.

The Flaming Lips to record "Dark Side of the Moon"

Posted by madhack on Oct 16, 2009

The psychedelic, Floyd-inspired Flaming Lips plan to record their own interpretation of the seminal album "Dark Side of the Moon". The list of guest artists includes spoken-word artist (and sometimes metal/punk singer) Henry Rollins and electronic artist Peaches, suggesting that this will not be a note-for-note cover.

It will be interesting to see where Floyd fans fall on this one, given the potential for controversy over such an idea and the overlap between the bands' fan bases.

Honors for the Floydians

Posted by madhack on Oct 16, 2009

Roger Waters has been honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for the Floyd single "Money", as it was one of the most performed works in 2008 in the UK. Not the most prestigious award Waters or the song have ever earned, but it's clear evidence of the continued relevance and popularity of Pink Floyd's music.

Meanwhile, David Gilmour is set to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from UK's Anglia Ruskin University.

Video of David Gilmour covering "Chicago/Change The World"

Posted by alb on Aug 9, 2009

Mr. Gilmour has added a new video to his official website. The track is a cover version of "Chicago/Change The World" which was penned by Graham Nash. Chrissie Hynde features on vocals while David contributes with not only electric guitar, but also, bass, vocals and keyboards. The song was released to coincide with the UK's Home Secretary's decision to not block extradition of alleged computer hacker Gary McKinnon. See the video at:

David Gilmour on the Apollo 11 moon landing

Posted by madhack on Jul 1, 2009

As part of a series commemorating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the moon, The Guardian is running a piece penned by David Gilmour himself. Although brief, David talks about his feelings during those events, what influence they may have had on the band's music, and the "Moonhead" jam the band performed to footage of Armstrong and Aldrin's moon walks at a BBC TV studio

The video/jam, although not new even to the Internet, is a lot of fun for anyone who still feels a sense of wonder at human exploration and the outside universe in general.

(a version with no video but better audio is also available)

Roger Waters on West Bank and a concert if wall comes down

Posted by madhack on Jun 3, 2009

Numerous news outlets are carrying AP coverage of comments Roger Waters made while visiting the the West Bank and Jerusalem, promising to play a show at the site of the Israeli wall there should it come down, an idea that hearkens back to the Live in Berlin performance of 1990.

Waters, of course, has never been shy about expressing his opinions on matters of politics, government policy, and human rights issues. Predictably, Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev does not agree with Waters's assessment of the wall as an "exercise of colonialism," stating, "We don't need no education about suicide bombers coming into Israel and murdering innocent people, and how the security barrier has prevented that by more than 95 percent."

Also unsurprising is the range of coverage from various other outlets, with Iranian international media referring to it as an "illegal apartheid wall", while Ynetnews notes Roger's concern that Israeli policies may be reducing their standing in the world, as well as international sympathy.

Waters was in Jenin as part of Cinema Jenin, a project he is co-sponsoring to reopen the only cinema in the city.

David Gilmour to appear at Crisis Hidden Gig charity concert

Posted by madhack on May 8, 2009

David Gilmour will be appearing with Malian blues duo Amadou & Mariam on May 25 at a Crisis Hidden Gig, in support of the Crisis charity for the homeless. The gig's exact location will be revealed 24 hours in advance, but it will be taking place "in an intimate converted church in central London." For those fortunate enough to be in the area, tickets are available at the Crisis site or here.

EMI in talks with Floyd for video games?

Posted by madhack on May 7, 2009

According to The Daily Telegraph, EMI is in discussions with Pink Floyd to bring their music to successful music-based games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Interesting to hear this from a reputable source, even with no sources cited in the article, and given the band's remaining popularity with younger generations, it seems this would probably be lucrative.

Pink Floyd sue EMI

Posted by madhack on Apr 21, 2009

According to Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Daily blog, the Floyd is suing EMI over miscalculated royaltiesapparently adding another artist to the ranks of those recently rankled by the label. Author Daniel Kreps hypothesizes that millions of dollars of royalties may be involved, but neither the band nor EMI are commenting.

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