"Oh By The Way"

Posted by madhack on Dec 13, 2007

As many of you already know (especially since I meant to post this Monday), Pink Floyd has released their latest boxed set, Oh By The Way -- and just in time for the holidays. The set contains all 16 of the band's studio albums (minus, of course, the compilation albums Relics, A Collection of Great Dance Songs, and Echoes) with artwork based on the original LP releases', and a few other tidbits.

Unfortunately, there's no new (musical) material to really entice fans. It could still be a good gift for the Floyd fanatic or completist, though; I've already got it on my list to go with my Shine On boxed set. If nothing else, it's worth a peek at the two covers shown on the band's site, with a Waters/Mason version and a Gilmour/Wright version (both included on the set's case). There's also a bit more information on the set's release at their site.

Vic Singh - Story Behind The "Piper" Cover

Posted by sulphurfury on Oct 8, 2007

The story behind the making of the album cover of Pink Floyd's "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn", as told by photographer Vic Singh in an interview last month (Sep 2007). Some alternate takes of the photo shoot can be seen, and Vic describes what took place that day with the band. Today, Vic Singh is working the digital side of photography in a new environment of the avant-garde music and fashion scene that I hear is, at present, evolving in London.

Nick Mason On A Musical Quest

Posted by sulphurfury on Oct 8, 2007

Here was a fun idea. Nick Mason, a racing fan and collector of cars, recently set out on a musical quest. The challenge: to complete one lap around the Nrburgring racetrack in Germany in the time it takes to hear "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" on the Rolls-Royce V-12 Phantom's in-car audio system. (The song is about 13 minutes long, the racetrack is 14 miles long.) Find out if he made it. At one point during the race, Mason was beating out the rhythm of the song on the steering wheel!

"Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" - (40th Anniversary Edition)

Posted by sulphurfury on Sep 29, 2007

Pink Floyd's debut album in 1967 captured their raw live sound in the studio masterfully. Out this month is a 2CD 40th Anniversary Edition, featuring two different mixes, one on each disc, in mono and stereo. It was originally mixed in mono, which is the perfect and intended way to hear this album. One little known fact is that the man behind the album, Norman Smith, was an uncredited sound engineer in an already coveted position, and he left that position by talking his way into producing this new band, only if he were promoted to their producer. In his experience he knew if they were signed, he was the only one who could capture their sound in the studio. You need to hear this album in mono. Find out why and a lot more about some amazing rock history tied-in behind Pink Floyd's mind-blowing, far-out first album, in this intense review of the new Pink Floyd - "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - (40th Anniversary Edition)" 2CD set.

David Gilmour Performs Live At 111 Theaters Nationwide

Posted by sulphurfury on Sep 26, 2007

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour will appear live via satellite simultaneously in 111 theaters nationwide after the presentation of an 85-minute version of his recent concert DVD, "REMEMBER THAT NIGHT - LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL", out last Tuesday. The video was captured in high-def. His entire 2006 solo album is performed, along with Pink Floyd classics. Graham Nash and David Crosby join Gilmour on tour, along with David Bowie, the former trumpeteer for Soft Machine and others. Though he likes the idea of people experiencing the new DVD on their tricked-out home systems, "I've always loved the sound in movie theaters,'' he said. Original Pink Floyd founder and frontman Syd Barrett is not forgotten. He died mid-tour, but they were already doing his solo song "Dominoes", "Arnold Layne", and more! Dave is going back to these early songs, some never played live, some not played live in decades - and taking Pink Floyd music full circle.

Roger Waters Impressed With Live Earth Concerts

Posted by sulphurfury on Sep 25, 2007

Roger Waters addressed the media on the subject of awareness-raising concerts, explaining why he was so impressed with the sense he shared with others at Live Earth this summer. He delivers his own personal message regarding what the electorate can do about the current administration.

Roger Waters and Pink Floyd perform for Syd tribute

Posted by madhack on May 10, 2007

As reported at Brain Damage, both Roger Waters and the Pink Floyd lineup of David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason performed at the Syd Barrett tribute show in London. On an interesting note, the current Floyd lineup and Roger played together only with other guests, rather than as a band, after their own separate performances. Perhaps the closest we'll ever be to seeing the band back together again.

Waters billed for US Live Earth

Posted by pulse on Apr 17, 2007

Roger Waters is still confirmed to perform in the U.S. for Live Earth, a 24 hour global rock festival set at different locations about the planet. The event, scheduled for July 7th, is organized by former US Vice President Al Gore, and is his hope to increase awareness about global pollution and climate change. Rumors and speculation that Pink Floyd would reunite were finally put to rest by Roger, who has confirmed that only he and his solo band will play. You can find out more about Live Earth here.

Pink Floyd on the cover of Rolling Stone

Posted by madhack on Mar 19, 2007

Rolling Stone magazine will finally be featuring Floyd on the cover of its upcoming issue. Inside, they promise a history of the band, and have also put together select clips from the "Dark Side of Oz". This cover appearance by such an influential band is certainly long overdue.

Roger Waters spring US Tour

Posted by madhack on Feb 16, 2007

As reported on his official site, Roger Waters will be making US appearances this spring, once the current European leg completes.

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