Roger Waters chat rescheduled for Oct 17

Posted by madhack on Oct 12, 2005

The previously-postponed Roger Waters chat at MSN has been rescheduled for 7pm Eastern time (2300 UTC) on Monday, October 17.

Roger Waters chat postponed

Posted by madhack on Sep 26, 2005

According to an email from Sony/BMG, the Roger Waters chat tonight on MSN has been postponed. The news has not yet hit Roger's or MSN's sites, but the email appears legitimate.

Chat with Roger Waters LIVE!

Posted by alb on Sep 15, 2005

From the official website

Chat with Roger Waters on!
Your chance to chat with Roger! On September 26th, Roger will be chatting on Come find out about his inspirations for "Ça Ira" and anything else you might want to know!

Another reunion

Posted by madhack on Sep 10, 2005

According to Brain Damage, the Floyd will be together again for their induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame. It's not entirely clear whether they will be playing together or merely appearling together, though.

Happy Birthday to Roger Waters!

Posted by alb on Sep 6, 2005

Roger Waters turned 62 today, September 6th. Let's all celebrate by playing some of his music!

Roger Waters in Rolling Stone

Posted by madhack on Jul 28, 2005

Rolling Stone is running a new interview with Roger Waters. Topics covered include the reunion, Ça Ira, his interest (or lack thereof) in a Pink Floyd tour, and the blues. It's brief but interesting.

Product Updates: PULSE DVD & WYWH SACD

Posted by pulse on Jul 20, 2005

Brain Damage is relaying information from Pink Floyd's management that the long-awaited PULSE DVD is nearly finished. The final touches are being made to extras and the documentary that will be included. No release date has been finalized for the dual-disc dvd, but it is hoped to be released by the end of 2005.

Also, long-time Pink Floyd producer James Guthrie is nearly finished with a full surround mixing of Pink Floyd's classic album, "Wish You Were Here." The version will be released in hybrid CD/SACD (Super Audio CD) format near the end of 2005. This will be the second surround mixing from the Pink Floyd catalog to be released in SACD format--the first being the critically acclaimed "Dark Side of the Moon" in 2003.

AOL on-demand video of Live 8

Posted by madhack on Jul 9, 2005

AOL has created on-demand videos of the Live 8 performances. You can now watch Pink Floyd's performances individually instead of waiting for the stream to get there.

Vote for the best Live 8 act

Posted by madhack on Jul 5, 2005

The BBC is running a poll for the best act at Live 8. If you're reading this, I'm sure you have an opinion!

Syd Barrett Movie?

Posted by pulse on Jul 3, 2005

The film news and preview site Coming Soon recently interviewed Johnny Depp about his current projects. Johnny mentioned he wants a film about Roger "Syd" Barrett, the original frontman of Pink Floyd. You can read the short snippet in this article.

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