Posted by madhack on Oct 6, 2002

The Fandom will be down from about 8pm-10pm Pacific time for an OS upgrade. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Gilmour on Radio 2

Posted by pulse on Sep 26, 2002

On Friday, September 27th, David Gilmour will be talking about his new DVD and performing on the BBC Radio 2 program, The Johnnie Walker Drivetime Show. Listeners can submit questions prior to the live broadcast.

Pisces Floyd

Posted by pulse on Sep 26, 2002

March 2003 is shaping up to be a great month for Pink Floyd fans. Roger Waters' manager Mark Fenwick comfirms Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii (The Directors' Cut) will be released on DVD. Also Floyd manager Steve O'Rourke confirms there will be something special for fans on the 30th Anniversary of Dark Side Of The Moon. According to the British-based Floydian fanzine Brain Damage, the album will be reissued on 03-03-03. A quadraphonic mix will be released on DVD-A format. This will allow fans to hear the album how it was originally intended to be heard by the band!

Gilmour DVD preview from EMI Music

Posted by madhack on Sep 25, 2002

EMI Music has sent out a bit of promotional material, primarily a preview (QuickTime format) of the new David Gilmour DVD. They've also provided a David Gilmour-themed QuickTime player, in PC and Mac versions. It's nice to see a "new media" promotional push for one of the Floydians...

"David Gilmour in Concert" delayed

Posted by madhack on Sep 23, 2002

The "David Gilmour in Concert" DVD's release date has been pushed back. It is now set for US release on November 5, with a European release date of October 7. The North American (Region 1) version can be pre-ordered at CDNOW.

David Gilmour DVD

Posted by pulse on Aug 23, 2002

EMI and Capitol Records are releasing a new video entitled David Gilmour in Concert on September 23rd from David's critically acclaimed Meltdown Festival performance at London's Royal Festival Hall in June 2001, with additional footage from his three concerts at the same venue in January 2002.

The tracklisting is as follows: 1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V 2. Terrapin 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Coming Back To Life 5. High Hopes 6. Je Crois Entendre Encore 7. Smile 8. Wish You Were Here 9. Comfortably Numb 10. Dimming of the Day 11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts VI-VIII 12. A Great Day for Freedom 13. Hushabye Mountain 14. Dominoes 15. Breakthrough 16. Comfortably Numb

Total running time is approximately 130 minutes.

For the EMI/Capitol press release, check out the following site.

Advertising begins on Pink Floyd Fandom Webmail

Posted by madhack on Aug 6, 2002

There's been a far bigger response to the new Pink Floyd Fandom Webmail service than I had ever expected, so things are moving ahead of schedule. If you don't like having a bannerad on your free mail service, feel free to cancel your account or something. If you'd like to advertise with us, you can go here to look at and purchase ad packages.

Ad poll results

Posted by madhack on Jul 12, 2002

The results are in on the ad poll, and it seems that most people want no advertising. However, I fully intend to throw out that 59% because none of the people who voted are those who pay to keep this site going ;). Seriously, don't be surprised if a single small, unobtrusive ad appears below the menu. It won't pop up or pop under and it won't span across the top of the page and I will have approval of all ads, but quite frankly I can't handle the money sink that this page has become for much longer. All I want is to break even. Hopefully this'll allow me to do so.

Greatest Band poll on Slashdot

Posted by madhack on Jun 30, 2002

Slashdot, the technology news site, is running a poll on the greatest band of all time. Make the right vote by clicking here or just go on over and check it out yourself.

Roger and Nick

Posted by madhack on Jun 27, 2002

According to one report of the Wembley (London) show last night, Nick Mason joined Roger on stage and played drums on "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun". I've now had this confirmed by a number of people. What I wouldn't give to have been there...

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