VH1 Legends: Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett

Posted by madhack on Jan 17, 2002

For those who missed the VH1 Legends episode focusing on Pink Floyd (as some have commented, it might have better been called "VH1 Legends: Syd Barrett and a Few Others", but it was an interesting show nonetheless), has a schedule of upcoming episodes online. The next two showings will be on Wed, Jan 23 at 2am and on Fri, Feb 1 at 9pm. Check it out if you can!

"In the Flesh" video...

Posted by pulse on Nov 13, 2001

It appears Sony is preparing to release the much anticipated video of Roger Waters "In the Flesh" 2000 tour on DVD and VHS formats. There has been no official press release by Sony, so no word as to whether or not it will include the same footage used in the 1 hour broadcast on Music Choice back in February of this year. You can preorder your copy here at CDNow, who has the release schedule for Dec. 18th. Just in time for Christmas!

Concerning Pink Floyd and future touring plans...

Posted by pulse on Nov 12, 2001

There are currently no future plans for Pink Floyd to tour together or as a group under this name again. Their recent comments are not very positive for fans wishing this to materialize. I myself think any future activities from the Pink Floyd camp may only involve unreleased and rehashed older material, or revisioned/remastered formats of previously released albums and videos. But I lack confidence we will ever see the band touring the world again or creating new music together as Pink Floyd like we last observed in 1994.

However, this does not mean we can no longer enjoy them. The catalog Pink Floyd created is enormous and we still have their solo careers to follow, which are once again becoming very active! Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Richard Wright have all stated in their own words recently they are working on new material! Please keep in mind the past and current members, Roger Waters and David Gilmour do have plans to solo tour in 2002 and release new solo material you may be interested in checking out.

Echoes is here!

Posted by madhack on Nov 6, 2001

Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd has been released on CD. Enough said.

Official site updated for Echoes release

Posted by madhack on Nov 5, 2001

One of the official sites (and currently the most active one) has been updated for the Echoes release. Featured are media files of the various songs from the new best-of compilation -- as well as lyrics and other information -- and the site purports to have a lot more goodies on the way. It's always great to see so much activity coming from the Floyd camp.

The end of Pink Floyd?...

Posted by pulse on Oct 25, 2001

BBC Radio 2 conducted a very important interview of David Gilmour today in anticipation of the upcoming release of "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd." Some interesting subjects were discussed. It appears David has plans to release a video and DVD of the previous Meltdown gig and upcoming February shows. He also mentioned his intentions to start on a new solo album next year - all terrific news! Unfortunately there is bad news for fans hoping to see Pink Floyd in action again. David's comments were not very promising. The inevitable end is a realization we may finally have to accept. Something many of us have suspected for a good while now. You will need RealPlayer to listen to the entire rebroadcast here.

Echoes release coming up

Posted by madhack on Oct 18, 2001

The new Floyd "best-of" album, "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd", will hit stores November 6 (in the US at least). CDNow is already taking preorders, so you've got no excuse not to get yours!

New ownership for

Posted by madhack on Oct 14, 2001

It appears that the domain is now under new ownership - specifically, Pink Floyd (1987) Limited. In other words, it's a new and active official site! Currently showing is a "poster" for the previously mentioned Gilmour shows...

David in concert again!

Posted by pulse on Oct 10, 2001

Following critical acclaim for his sold out performace in June as part of Robert Wyatt's Meltdown Festival, David Gilmour has decided to dust off the Royal Hall once again for two dates scheduled in January of 2002. The shows will be held back to back, Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th. Quite a treat they should be indeed if they are anything relatively close to the Meltdown Festival performance. Seats will likely sell out quick! Tickets may be ordered for either show here while still available!

Tentative dates for In the Flesh 2002

Posted by madhack on Sep 7, 2001

The Roger Waters International Fan Club (REG) site put up some tentative tour dates for the 2002 leg of Roger Waters' In the Flesh 2002 tour. Sort of old news, but I guess I'd thought someone else had posted it here already... :). Anyway, as the site says, these dates are unconfirmed, but REG is a reliable source for information - very promising for Roger's fans abroad...

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